Priority setting, Monitoring and Evaluation

PME Cell

The Research Priority setting, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Cell of ICAR-NIVEDI monitors and evaluates the research progress and coordinates research and technical activities. In addition, PME cell also facilitates and monitors the research publications, research project files, technical correspondence, and compilation of technical reports.

PME responsibilities

1. To coordinate and synthesize the recommendations of QRT, RAC and IRC of institute and to recommend research priorities of the institution for short listing priority researchable problems across crop(s) / divisions / program, commodity / livestock, etc., at institutional level.
2. Annual updating and presenting the report to the Director of the institution for assigning research projects.
3. To coordinate and arrange for annual monitoring of each on-going project and evaluation of completed projects through internal and external experts.
4. Maintaining a database on all publications and projects.
5. Monitoring of the scientific progress through Monthly, half yearly and annual report.
6. Facilitating publications of research and others papers submitted by the scientists.
7. Facilitating Research projects proposals submitted by the scientists.
8. Preparation of Memorandum of Understating (MoU) between ICAR-NIVEDI and Other Institutes/ Universities for collaborative research and extension.


1. Nodal officer Dr. P.P.Sengupta
2. Co- Nodal officer Dr. V. Balamurugan
3. Co- Nodal officer Dr. G. Govindaraj
4. Co- Nodal officer Dr. (Mrs.) Siju.Susan. Jacob
5. Co- Nodal officer Dr.M. Nagalingam
6. Technical Support Dr. Awadesh Prajapati