ICAR-NIVEDI Celebrates Foundation Day

1st July 2024

Foundation Day Celebration Report

On 1st July 2024, ICAR-NIVEDI celebrated its Foundation Day with great enthusiasm. The event commenced with the hoisting of the institute's flag by esteemed guests. Dr. R. Shome welcomed the guests, farmers, and all ICAR-NIVEDI staff. Dr. Baldev R. Gulati, Director of ICAR-NIVEDI, provided a brief overview of the institute's origin, mandate, and activities. He highlighted the institute's significant contributions to the development of diagnostics for livestock diseases, including zoonoses, and its efforts in forecasting and forewarning of 15 economically important livestock diseases, economic burden estimates, and capacity-building programs. Dr. Gulati also presented the roadmap for meeting the current and future challenges in livestock disease epidemiology.

Dr. Manjunath S. Palegar, Director of AH & VS, Karnataka, acknowledged the institute's support in outbreak investigations, timely diagnostic services, and the capacity building of field veterinarians. Dr. Artabandhu Sahoo, Director of ICAR-NIANP, praised the institute's work in disease forecasting and diagnostics development. He emphasized the importance of animal nutrition in animal health and the need for collaborative efforts in areas of mutual interest. Dr. Tusar Kanti Behera, Director of ICAR-IIHR, highlighted the role of KVKs in disseminating information related to animal diseases. He stressed the potential for collaboration between ICAR-NIVEDI and IIHR to help double farmers' income. Dr. Behera also lauded the institute's BSL-2+ facility and recent NABL accreditations, expressing interest in seeking support for genome editing, artificial intelligence, and quarantine measures for disease prevention and control.

During the celebration, the dignitaries released a surveillance plan for classical swine fever. On this occasion, awards were presented to the scientists of ICAR-NIVEDI for their outstanding research contributions. Dr. G.B.M. Reddy received the Best Research Paper Award, Dr. Sathish B. Shivachandra was recognized for securing the maximum funding through externally funded projects, and Dr. V. Balamurugan received the Special Contribution Award. The administrative, contractual, and housekeeping staff were also honored for their valuable contributions to ICAR-NIVEDI's activities. Prizes were distributed to winners of various sports events organized as part of the celebrations. Progressive farmers were felicitated, and a farmer-scientist interaction meeting was held.

Dr. Ashok Kumar, ADG (Animal Health), ICAR and the Chief Guest of the event, underscored the importance of One Health and commended the institute's achievements. He urged the institute to undertake projects on Antimicrobial Usage (AMU) and to provide capacity building in Veterinary Epidemiology for various stakeholders.

Additionally, a Farmers-Scientists Interactive Meet (Kisan Goshthi) was organized, during which more than 100 livestock farmers belonging to SC communities received training on advances in livestock health and management. Inputs for livestock rearing were also provided. Lectures were delivered by Dr. S. P. Prasanna, Dr. Malathi, and Dr. G.B. Manjunath Reddy.

Celebration Moments Captured

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Flag Hosting
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Farmers Celebration
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Group Photo
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Farmers Interaction
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All Staff with Guests
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Guests on Stage