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Incubatees NEO

Name: Aakhib Muhammed Shaik

Business proposal: Onion Peel Waste as a Cost-Effective Fungicide for Aquaculture Business Idea: To formulate a natural, eco-friendly fungicide for the control and management of fungal diseases in the aquaculture animals – fishes and shrimps by the reduction of fungal pathogens and their spores in the aquaculture ponds from the onion peel waste USP: Eco-friendly

Name: Ashpak Bagawan

Business proposal: Mobile Application Based Animal Marketing Business Idea: Mobile App which will be developed by us acts as a agrregator open market for farmers and buyers USP: No mobile Apps are available for live animal sales and purchases in India

Name: Divya Chalapathi

Business proposal: Portable Raman Spectrometers for Agricultural and Agriculture-Related systems Business Idea: Portable Raman spectrometers, provide good quality chemical and physical information of systems and hence can be used for a wide variety of applications in the field of agriculture, food safety, health, disease diagnostics, agricultural products, etc USP: High specificity, good compatibility with aqueous systems, short timescales of acquisition lead to quick instantaneous results

Name: Dr. Gowsiya Shaik

Business proposal: β-Cyclocitral – A Potential Root Growth Bio-Stimulator Business Idea:Idea here is to synthesizeβ-Cyclocitral synthesized from its precursor Citral, present in plants endogenously and to develop rooting formulation using this β-Cyclocitral with or without other rooting hormones like synthetic auxins and elicitor compounds for improved root growth and induction of rooting. USP: Novel and Unique

Name: Jeevitha D. fromAtal Tinkering Lab, Jnanadeepa Senior Secondary School, Javalli, Shivamogga

Chief Mentor: Dr. Dhoolappa M. Team Members: Dr Sundareshan S, Dr Dhanalakshmi, H., Sunilchandra U., Dr Lakshmishree K.T. and Prasad R.V. Business proposal: Long acting eco-floats from cob waste for mosquito control Business Idea: An eco-float is a biodegradable floating device, made up of most under-utilized biowastes from agriculture (maize corncobs) incorporated with biolarvicides(patent pending) that can be tossed onto stagnant waterlogged bodies to kill the young ones of mosquito (larvae). This corn-cob based device ensures a slow release of the biolarvicide emulsion which settles on the top of the water. The larvae coming to surface of the water for breathing purpose, they eat on these peptides (protoxin), then get activated to a toxin the gut of mosquito larvae specifically and kill the larvae by increased permeability of gut cells to kill the young ones of mosquito (larvae) for a prolonged time. Then, cob will decompose to nutrients for the underlying soil in a few months when it ends up in nature. Hence the dual benefit will be achieved; minimizing the mosquito menace by recycling the biowastes into eco-friendlier and healthier products. replika klockor USP: Prolonged activity, easy to use, affordability for end-users, highly specific- Only targets young ones of mosquito, ecologically safe, commercially viable & Scalable

Name: Dr. Muyeed Ahmed, S

Business proposal: Bio-Conversions – Novel Source for Feed and Fodder Business Idea:To generate protein rich animal feed from insect source. By nature birds, fishes and few animals feed on insects as the source of protein rich diet. Our business idea is to rear insects on commercial scale and use them as protein rich animal feed and feed concentrates. USP: Animal feed rich in protein and lipid source. Has appropriate amino acids required as animal feed. Animal feed rich in omega 6 fatty acids.

Incorporated in 2019

BIOPROBE Business proposal: Point-Of Care Dipstick Assay For On-Site Farm Monitoring Of Staphylococcus Aureus Pre-Subclinical Bovine Mastitis Company profile: BIOPROBE Lab Ltd. got incorporated in 4th October 2019. The company’s line of business platforms a core business strategy for developing biological probes as theranostic molecule and animal feed production for betterment of living beings. The diversified business strategy works on the academia training and contract research outsourcing. Startup name: BIOPROBE Lab Pvt. Ltd. Management team: Dr. Padmaja RJ and Mr. Pratyush Sahay Founder: Dr. Padmaja RJ Co-founders: Mr. Pratyush Sahay Products/Services: Point-of care dipstick assay for on-site farm monitoring of Staphylococcus aureus Pre-subclinical bovine mastitis Competitive advantage: The dipstick assay can probe S. aureus leukotoxin in milk samples below subclinical infection causing level, simple and farmer friendly device for monitoring on-site farm mastitis in large bovine population around the globe, minimal cost

Name: Dr. M. Gowri Neelima

Neelima Business proposal: Commercial Production of Gymnemic Acid from Plant Cell Cultures Business Idea: Large scale production of Gymnemic acid from plant cell cultures can be commercialized as natural product for diabetes control USP: Reduces blood sugar level and also triggers beta cells regeneration in pancreas

Name: Dr. Samrudh M C

Co-founders: Suchith M C, Ajay Kumar R Business proposal: Paw Mates provide the best care for pets from experienced vet doctors through a single click Business Idea:To build a platform through a Mobile app & Web app for pet owners to interact with the vet doctors through voice call, video call & home visits USP: Unified Communication, Consulting & Diagnostic app for PetCare

Name: Srinath RD

Business proposal: Processing Chicken Feather fibres for multiple uses Business Idea: Manufacturing large quantity of chicken feather fibre powder for development of BioComposites from Chicken Feather Waste-that can be transformed to sustainable keratin fibres which can further be used for the preparation of BIO-INSOLE and other related industries. USP: Biodegradable, Breathable, Biocompatible, Affordable, Anti-microbial

Name: SujithaDadi

Team member: Appanna V Koppad Business proposal: Melatonin, a novel potent growth regulatory molecule: In-vitro production from microbial systems and its characterization Business Idea: To exploit the potentialities of melatonin to improve plant processes and improve growth and productivity. USP: Unique molecule to improve plant growth, diverse applications, safe compound for post-harvest uses. Cost effective formulation Startup name: HERBONEEDS® BIOTECH LLP

Incorporated in 2019

Business proposal: Manufacturing of renewable, eco-friendly, herbal alternative for the existing wood chips and paper based bedding materials for the laboratory rodents used in biomedical research. Company profile: Finding sustainable, herbal, renewable and eco-friendly solutions Management team: Dr.Vasanthkumar S.P., Prathibha V Kumar. Founder: Dr.Vasanthkumar S.P Products/Services: Bedding materials for laboratory rodents Competitive advantage: Product is 100% natural, bio degradable, eco-friendly.
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