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Incorporated on 13 July 2016

Nutriplus Company profile: Startup name: Nutriplus foods Pvt Ltd Management team: Founder: Dr B R Athani Co-founder: Dr Shweta B Athani Products/Services: We are a social enterprise:
  1. Introducing residue free meat to urban consumersby promoting rearing of free range lambs, goat kids and local backyard poultry at the level of rural agricultural women as livelihood enhancement.We aim to provide additional income generation to the extent of at least Rs 30000 per annum per family, for at least 6500 families, thereby ensuring doubling of farmer’s income a reality.
  2. Evolving an integrated supply chain from producers to consumers, initially B2B, including intermediary handling facilities and cold chain logistics for sale of hygienic carcasses to urban consumers.
  3. Developing a prototype for innovative,eco-friendlydisposal system fordecomposable offal from processing facility. This can be a good source for income for entrepreneurs through sale of quality manure for organic farming.
  4. The enterprise aims to contribute positively with 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations
Competitive advantage:
  1. Free range, residue free meat, processed and handled hygienically from small ruminants and backyard poultry. This “Safe Meat” produced using indigenous breeds under free grazing systems without using growth promoting chemicals.
  2. Operations have a very strong social objectives.

Incorporated in Feb, 2015

Pentavalent Business proposal: A Next Generation Live Attenuated FMD Vaccine Company profile: As a fully integrated Biotech Company, Pentavalent provides innovative solutions from discovery to development, leveraging the cutting-edge science, cost effective vaccine formulation and new ideas and technologies in the vaccine market. Startup name: Pentavalent Bio Sciences Private Limited Management team: Founder: Dr. Bhavani PV Co-founder: Soumya Paul Products/Services: In vivo evaluation of a novel live attenuated vaccine strain of Food and Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) that we have developed at Pentavalent Bio Sciences Private Limited in cell culture platform using our in-house innovative patented technology platform. omega replica Competitive advantage: FMD vaccine strain shall replicate continuously only in our proprietary cell line, replicates only once in any other naïve cell line or host cells and buds out as attenuated strain after completion of one cycle replication (single cycle replicative), being single cycle replicative, our FMD vaccine strain mimics wild infection for once and in turn is anticipated to induce both cell mediated and humoral immune response in host the vaccine dosage is expected to increase within the host body and thus increased immune response Website:

Incorporated in 2018

Farm Gulp Business proposal: Isolation and Purification of Arecoline from unexplored Areca Agro By-products: “Red Areca Wash Liquid and the Fresh Husk of the areca fruit” Company profile: Startup name: Farm Gulp Private Limited Management team: Founders: Ganesh V Bhat, Nagendra Prakash, Harish Kumar Products/Services: Areca Agro byproduct wastes source to isolate one of the industrially valuable neuroactive phytochemical ‘arecoline’ Competitive advantage: Contributing to the world through natural chemical compounds Website:

Incorporated in April 2013

Geniron Business proposal: Establishment of Geniron Diagnostic labs for Livestock and poultry samples Company profile: Startup name: Geniron Biolabs Pvt Ltd Management team: Founder: Dr.Goutham G Products/Services: Early detection of disease by reducing the turn over time by processing the sample by using various diagnostics platform which aids in early treatment for livestock and poultry Competitive advantage: Decentralised marketing and sample processing of livestock and poultry Website:

Incorporated in 2019

KrijanBiotech Business proposal: Scale-up of Production and third party validation of formulated microbial product for Bio-augmentation and Bio-security in aquaculture, Veterinary and wet waste management Company profile: Startup name: KrijanBiotech Pvt Ltd Management team: Founder: Janardhan Yadav E Co-founder: MadhusudhanPandurangJeevaji Products/Services: Development of products in Aquaculture Competitive advantage: Unique product in market,production cost is very less Website:

Incorporated on 11.4.2017

VNIR Business proposal: LAMP based kits for Rapid, robust and cheaper detection of microbial pathogens in food Company profile: Startup name: VNIR Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd Management team: Co-founders:A. Meher Kiran Prakash, T. Govindaraju Products/Services: Development of kits for detecting various food borne pathogens, Development of a total solution, in collaboration with OEM Competitive advantage: Pathogen detection tests offered on the field, with very robust reagents that will survive field conditions, and are sensitive to pathogen detection at cheaper cost. Website:

Incorporated in Aug 2018

Udder Business proposal: Udder Hygiene Formulation for Prevention & Treatment of Mastitis Company profile: Startup name: Trieen Health Care Pvt Ltd Management team: Founder: Dr Prashanth T Co-founder: Shilpa H U Products/Services: One health company developing hygiene solutions for animal, plant & human health care sector. The product range is for veterinary sector specifically in udder hygiene and reproduction Competitive advantage: Low cost novel teat disinfectant formulation for prevention of mastitis in cows & buffaloes. High disinfection rate and prolonged antimicrobial activity, the ingredients are from natural source

Incorporated in 2012

Lab4life Business proposal: An integrated Microfluidic Platform for Brucellosis Point of Care Diagnostic Company profile: Lab4life Bioresearch Pvt Ltd is a start-up company and the mission is to provide affordable diagnostics and health care technologies to address biomedical problems. We are developing a state of the art fully automated microfluidic based platform technology to address clinical unmet needs. Startup name: Lab4life Bio Research Pvt Ltd Management team: Mrs. Chaitra S Rudregowda – CEO (B.E in Electronics and Communication) Dr. Naveen Gowda – CSO (Ph. D in Cell Biology, Stockholm University) Mr. Harsha Rudregowda – Business Development (MBA from IIT Madras) Founder: Dr. Sagar S Manoli Co-founder: Chaitra Rudregowda (CEO), Naveen Kumar Gowda (CSO) Products/Services: An integrated microchip for DNA based POC system consisting of microfluidic based rapid isolation of the bacteria, isothermal DNAamplification and rapid detection of brucellosis. Competitive advantage: Easy to use, highly sensitive diagnostic tool for brucellosis diagnostics in general and for veterinary diagnostics particular. Yielding results within three hours and the sample test cost is very fair.

Incorporated in April 2019

Agrihawk Business proposal: Harnessing Potential of Technology to make Agriculture Profitable and Sustainable Company profile: Agrihawk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Startup name: Fyllo Management team: Co-founders: Sudhanshu, Sumit, Sachin Products/Services: Fyllo provides IoT and AI based precision agriculture solutions to farmers. Based on real time sensor data and agronomy/weather prediction models, Fyllo provides actionable insights to farmers on replicas hublot their mobile app in vernacular language and helps them make informed decisions. Our decision support system helps farmers in making efficient use of resources and increases productivity and profitability. Our services include best sowing time prediction, precise irrigation management, disease and pest prediction, farm level weather and predictions,precise fertigation schedule based on soil and crop, live market rate and alerts about farm climate Competitive advantage: Fyllo helps farmers take decisions in each step of crop cycle starting before sowing till harvest. Our solution costs 1/5th of solution available in market and soon can be scaled to smallholder farmers. Also we are partnering with other players in agriculture ecosystem to provide end-to-end solution to farmers.

Incorporated in 2017

Vetzz Business proposal: Platform to Provide Accessible Healthcare for 1 Billion+ Animals Company profile: Startup name: Vetzz Management team: Founder: Swetang Sharma Co-founders: Dr.AkshayPrakash, Prof. R Srinivasan, Prabhash Mishra Products/Services: Platform to connect veterinary doctors, clinics, hospitals and stores with animal owners to provide reliable and accessible healthcare services and products for all animals Competitive advantage: Vetzz network would curate the doctors and ensure that the right care is available at the right time. The network would also enable pharma and food companies to develop products especially suited for the Indian market.

Incorporated in September 2013

Avanijal Business proposal: Smart Irrigation system enabled by IoT and cloud computing Company profile: Avanijal Agri Automation Pvt. Ltd. was born to address the farmer’s irrigation and nutrient management needs. Avanijal designs and develops Irrigation Systems/Controllers to helps farmers to grow more with less water, labour, fertilizer and electricity. Easy to irrigate, fertigate and flush the water filter through mobile phones and avoids odd hour farm visits. The controller supports basic and complex schedules for time, volume,sensor and AI based precision irrigation and fertigation. It also supports wired and wireless valve/sensor connections. Supports irrigation resolutions from few seconds to minutes. Startup name: AvanijalAgri Automation Private Limited Management team: Channabasappa Kolar, Vijayeendra H S Founders: Channabasappa Kolar – Vijayeendra H S – Products/Services: Smart Irrigation Controller Product which uses latest satellite, IoT and AI technology to help farmers to produce more crop yield using less water, electricity, nutrient and man power Competitive advantage: Easy to use and easily upgradable, adaptable to Indian farming conditions and practices. Best features to price ratio.

Incorporated in April 2017

Fibroheal Business proposal: Biomaterial application of Silk Proteins to develop innovative and cost effective wound healing solutions, which in turn increases the silk production and farmer`s income Company profile: We are a R&D driven startup approved under DIPP & startup Karnataka and we are working on utilizing the biomaterial property of silk to develop various innovative wound healing solutions for non-healing, slow healing and difficult to heal wounds. In the process, we promote utilization of reeling waste and cut cocoons which increases farmers’ income and also, we create indigenous products through our R&D team utilizing silk and silk proteins which are suitable for treating various complicated wounds thus bringing down the cost of treatment of wounds. Startup name: Fibroheal WoundcarePvt Ltd Management team: Co-founders: Vivek Mishra – (Director & CEO), Bharat Tandon – (Director), Subramanian Shivraman – (Director) Products/Services: Use of silk cocoons for protein isolation and developing products which helps in faster healing of acute and chronic wounds like diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, surgical wounds and in process helps farmers earn more and also brings down the cost of treatment being an indigenous technology. Competitive advantage: Creating an industry to utilize reeling and weaving waste and providing employment, faster wound closure and affordable treatment.

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