Sl.No Title of the Patent/Technology Patent Number Investors Name
1 A Kit For diagnosis of brucellosis 1592/CHE/2008 Dr. R Shome, Dr. B R Shome, Dr. Deivanai M, Dr. Prabhudas K
Sl.No Title of the Patent/Technology Patent Number Investors Name
2 Indirect Elisa Kit for Sero-diagnosis of brucellosis in livestock and humans 5031/CHE/2013 Dr. R Shome, Dr. K Narayana Rao, Ms. K Triveni, Dr. B R Shome, Dr. M Nagalingam, Dr. H Rahman
3 Diagnosis of human brucellosis by IgG and IgM based combo lateral flow assay 6641/CHE/2015 Dr. R Shome, Dr.N.Krithiga, Ms.Padmashree B.S, Ms.K.Triveni, Ms.Swathi Sahay, Dr.B.R.Shome, Dr.H.Rahman
4 Recombinant non-structural proteins NS1 and NS3 as fusion protein (rNS1-NS3) based immuno-diagnostic assay for bluetongue 201741040913/ TEMP/E-1/39607/2017-CHE and 16/11/2017 Dr. D. Hemadri, Dr. N. N. Mohanty, Dr. S. B. Shivachandra
5 Recombinant VSG and monoclonal antibody based competitive inhibition enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for detection of antibodies against Trypanosomaevansi 370/CHE/2015 Dr. Rajeswari Shome, Dr.P.P.Sengupta, Dr.Ligi Milesh, Dr.V.Balamurugan, Dr. H. Rahman
6 Monoclonal Antibody based double antibody sandwich ELISA for the detection of Trypanosomaevansi antigen in animals 3095/CHE/2015 Dr.P.P.Sengupta, Dr.Ligi Milesh, Dr. H. Rahman