Pulsefield gel electrophoresis

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Pulsefield Gel Electrophoresis
Instrument Details
Pulsefield Gel Electrophoresis
Biorad Pacific Ltd , Hongkong
CHEF-DR® III Variable Angle System
Electrophoresis cell dimension: 11.4 x 44.2 x 50.3 cm, horizontal format
Power module dimension:
Construction: Aluminum chassis
Weight: 10 kg
Maximum amps: 0.5 amperes
Allowable voltage gradients: 0.6–9 V/cm, in 0.1 V/cm increments
Working Principle

DNA is pulled through a PFGE gel due to electric charge, similar to the standard electrophoresis run. In principle, the apparatus itself is essentially the same as a standard electrophoresis unit. Similar to standard electrophoresis, there are electrodes that allow the electric charge to pass through the chamber. In PFGE however, these electrodes surround the gel and are not all active at once. Activating only certain electrodes is what allows the electric current to be modulated at specific angles. While a standard gel is usually only active for a couple hours, PFGE runs can take days. To keep the buffer temperature down, it is run through tubing and through a cooler before being fed back into the chamber.

Fast and high-resolution separations of DNA molecules ranging from 200 kb to >6 Mb
Top down and bottom up mapping
Electrophoretic karyotyping
Analysis of tumor cell DNA rearrangements
Mammalian DNA analysis
Testing for bacterial, yeast, and parasite strain homogeneity.
User Instructions
User has to pre-run the instrument 15-20 minutes prior to actual run for calibration.
User has to use the deionized distilled water for the electrophoresis.
Due care has to be followed for constant supply of the current without any voltaze fluctuation.
When the parameters are set, start the program by pressing PAUSE/START RUN. When the program is in progress, the left panel display will show the time remaining (hours) in the current Block with RUN TIME lit, and the right panel display will show the actual current (milliamps) with ACTUAL CURRENT and PAUSE/START RUN lit. After the program is started, it is not possible to edit any of the run parameters.
The program in progress may be manually terminated by holding down PAUSE/START RUN for 3– 4 seconds. A program can be terminated only while it is in the run mode; it cannot be terminated in PAUSE. When the program is terminated two beeps will sound, and the right display will show OFF. Pressing PAUSE/START RUN again will start the program from the beginning.
When the program terminates under the timer control, the PAUSE/START RUN light will go off, it will sound two beeps per second for 5 seconds, and the right display will show OFF. The run timers will be reset and all parameters will be retained. The run parameters may be used again as is, or further modified, and the program may be started again by pressing PAUSE/START RUN.
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