Hindi Cell

Official Language activities of Hindi Cell are / :
1. Organizing Committee of Official Language Implementation Committee every quarter. Prepare the minutes of the meeting and take follow up action thereon ।
2. Sending every quarterly progress report to the Official Language Section ICAR Office ।
3. Preparation of bilingual form in the Institute ।
4. Preparing rosters for Institute employees and nominating employees for training as required ।
5. Enrolling employees for typing training ।
6. Publication of the annual report of the institute to Hindi and the annual Rajbhasha Patrika ।
7. Everyday Hindi word is written on the main door of the institute ।
8. Reply to all letters received in Hindi in Hindi ।
9. Bilingual all rubber stamps, nameplates, sign boards and letter heads used in the institute ।
10. Organizing Hindi week and Hindi day in the institute ।
11. Purchase of popular Hindi books by the library of the institute ।
12. Make every effort to achieve the goals set in the annual program released by the Department of Official Language. ।


Hindi Implementation committee

1Dr .B.R.Shome    (Acting-Director) director
2 Dr. D. Hemadri Principal Scientist Vice president
3 Dr. Rajeswari Som Principal Scientist Member
4 Mr. RK Babu Assistant finance and accounts officer Member
5 Mr. Vijay Raj Steno Member
6 Awadhesh Prajapati Senior technical officer Member secretary