Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU)

The ITMU at ICAR-NIVEDI started in the Year-2008, under ICAR through XI Plan scheme such as “Intellectual Property Management and Transfer/Commercialization of Agricultural Technology Scheme', funded by ICAR. Further, during XII Plan scheme, funding support was enhanced through 'National Agricultural Innovation Fund'' (Component-I), with a focus on to strengthen the institutional mechanism to protect/manage innovations/intellectual properties (IPs) generated within respective institute.

The activities carried out under ITMU at ICAR-NIVEDI are as follows:
a). Protecting/managing innovations/intellectual properties (IPs) generated within ICAR-NIVEDI
b). Scrutinizing and processing of patent/IP proposal from institute for filling
c). Facilitating commercialization/transfer of technologies developed at ICAR-NIVEDI
d). Establishing linkages through MOUs and Public-private partnership projects
e). Management of Intellectual Properties (IPs) through Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC) following ICAR policy guidelines

Major Areas of IP Management:

Major Achievements:
a).One patent granted
b).Three patents filed
c). >10 technologies developed


For further details contact - Dr. Sathish B. Shivachandra, Nodal Officer, ITMU