Molecular Imager Gel documentation system

Equipment Image
Molecular Imager Gel documentation system
Instrument Details
Molecular Imager Gel documentation system
Alpha Innotech, Germany
FluorChem Q Image analysis system
4.2 Megapixel camera for publication of ready images
6 position filter wheel for flexible fluorescent detection
Excitation at 475 nm, 534 nm and 632 nm and optional 365nm and 245 nm providing the ability to image CY3, CY2, CY5 or Q dots
UV transilluminator for fluorescent gels
White light table for colorimetric samples like Coomassie Blue and Silver Stained protein gels (not illustrated)
Protocol driven interface that remembers the optimal setting required to imaging your assay
AlphaView™ Q software for analysis of blots and gels.
Features the ability to save analysis protocols, quickly normalize for loading controls, and automatically calculate for background levels.
Working Principle

DAfter electrophoresis, fluorescent dye stained agarose gel is exposed to a UV light source. The fluorescent dye bound nucleic acid fluoresces and becomes visible.

Post-electrophoresis documentation of separated nucleic acids in gel
Quantitative western blot imaging and analysis
Chemiluminescent imaging
Multiplex fluorescent imaging analysis of overlapping proteins in the same blot
User Instructions
AlphaView software has four main control windows for all image acquisition, contrast adjustment, enhancement and analysis functions.
During the acquiring the images, the users has to use either the saved protocols or can adjust as per the requirement.
The user can browse for other saved protocols by clicking on the down arrow button, a list of existing protocols will be displayed.
Selecting the protocol will go to the preview screen for user to verify setting or acquire.
Clicking the Camera Acquire Icon launches the Camera Setup & Preview window.
This window provides camera exposure control, sensitivity/resolution control, lighting/filter wheel position control, contrast display options, and cabinet door status.
Clicking the green Preview box allows user to preview what the final image would look like, while still allowing user to make small adjustments to the options selected in focus.
Select ‘Acquire Image’ to capture the final image. User will then be able to save, print or analyze their image.
Users has to handle the equipment with due care.
Users should not use any harsh chemicals during wiping.
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