Trinocular microscope model Eclips 80i

Equipment Image
Trinocular microscope model Eclips 80i
Instrument Details
Trinocular microscope model Eclips 80i
Nikon, Japan
Eclipse 80i
The 'fly-eye' optics: Features the uniform illumination
Plan Apo VC objectives: High-resolution images
The DS-2Mv-L2 digital camera: Ease of imaging through Provision of bright illumination system with a 12v-100w halogen lamp
Ergonomic tube:
The ergonomic binocular-eyepiece tube can be inclined at angles from 10° to 30° and the eyepieces can be extended up to 40mm.
This ensures an optimum eye point and comfortable viewing posture
Working Principle

The Eclipse 80i delivers remarkably high signal to noise ratios, producing fluorescence images. The noise terminator directs stray light away from the light-collection path, which helps in high signal-to-noise ratios and ultimately high contrast and clarity of images.

Brightfield microscopy
Fluorescence photomicrography
User Instructions
Users has to handle the equipment with due care.
Prior and after use of the microscope, clean the stage with due care.
Users should not use any harsh chemicals during wiping the stage.
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