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Instrument Details
Leica Microsystems, Germany
Leica CM1850UV
Mechanism of cooling : Peltier cooling, Single compressor
Disinfection : Ultra violet
Cryobar temperature (specimen cooling area) : 0 to -60 ºC
Motorised coarse advance : 0.7mm/s
Section thickness adjustment : 1 to 10µm in1µm increment
10 to 20µm in 2 µm increments
20 to 60µm in 5µm increments
Cryochamber temperature (Section cutting area) : 0 to -35ºC
Low profile blades and high profile blades usage : One holder is available to hold both blades but the high
profile blades require pressure plate and it has to be fitted
and unscrewed whenever required
Time required for cooling to -35ºC temperature : 4 hours
Defrost cycle : Automated
Touch screen : Yes
Working Principle

The cryostat works in the principal that at low temperatures the liquid or the embedding medium freezes and acts as embedding material, the tissue becomes hard and becomes ice block. The microtome knife is used to make tissue sections of desired thickness without processing the tissues and fresh tissues can be used.

The Leica CM1850 is a powerful cryostat for routine as well as research applications in biology, medicine and industry. The instrument has been designed for rapid freezing and sectioning of tissue samples.
For use in Haematoxylin and Eosin staining of frozen tissue sections for early diagnosis
For use in immunohistochemistry staining of specific proteins/virus/bacteria/etc.
For use in cancer tissue sections to determine the prognosis immediately
User Instructions
Take care when handling microtome knives and disposable blades. The cutting edge is extremely sharp and can cause severe injury.
Never leave knives and knife holders with a knife/blade mounted lying around
Do not place a knife on a table with the cutting edge facing upward
Always clamp the specimen before the knife
Prior to manipulating the knife and specimen, or changing the specimen or knife, and during breaks, always lock the hand wheel and cover the cutting edge with the knife guard
Avoid contact with cold parts of the instrument as this can cause frostbite
To make sure that the condensation water stemming from the defrost cycles drains into the waste container and to avoid the risk of possible contaminations, ensure that the tap of the waste container is open when operating the instrument. Only shut the tap when draining the waste container
It is not necessary to remove the microtome for routinely disinfecting the cryochamber
Only use the cleaning agents and disinfectants (alcohol or common disinfectants based on alcohol)
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