Sl.No Project Name Fund Source Principle Invigilator Date
1 National Control Program on Brucellosis External Dr. Parimal Roy (Project Leader) , Dr. Rajeswari Shome (Project Coordinator) March-2012 - January-2020
2 Project Monitoring Unit External Dr. Parimal Roy (Project Coordinator) October-2012 - September-2017
3 Prevalence, risk factors, economic cost and control options of brucella infection in small and large ruminants and human in Eastern India External Dr. Rajeswari Shome January-2016 - January-2019
4 Surveillance and Molecular analysis of MRSA, MR-CoNS, VRE, ESBL and Carbapenemase producing Gram-Negative bacteria in farm animals, the animal handlers and livestock products in NE India External Dr. B. R. Shome April-2014 - March-2019
5 Development of recombinant antigen based diagnostics for bovine and human leptospirosis External Dr.V.Balamurugan February-2017 - February-2020
6 Sero-epidemiological study of brucellosis in livestock in North East states of India using ELISA and Fluorescent Polarization Assays External Dr. Rajeswari Shome April-2014 - March-2019
7 Epidemiological study of Classical swine fever (CSF), Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) and Porcine torqueteno (TTV) in North East (NE) region of India External Dr. D. Hemadri April-2014 - March-2019
8 Development of Infectious Disease Information System (IDIS) and Risk assessment models for Transboundary animal diseases (TAD) & other emerging livestock diseases in NE region of India External Dr. K.P. Suresh April-2014 - March-2019
9 Serosurveillance and molecular epidemiology of Bovine Herpes Virus 1 (BoHV1) infection in bovines of North Eastern states of Mizoram, Meghalaya and Tripura External Dr. S. S. Patil October-2013 - October-2017
10 Serosurveillance isolation and molecular characterization of bluetongue virus in sheep and goats of Tripura and Assam states External Dr. D. Hemadri December-2014 - December-2017
11 Molecular and sero diagnosis of surra in livestock in north eastern states of India External Dr. P. P. Sengupta January-2017 - January-2020
12 National Control Program on Brucellosis External Dr. Parimal Roy (Project Leader) Dr. Rajeswari Shome (Project Coordinator) February-2012 - February-2012
13 National Surveillance Programme for Aquatic Animal Diseases External Dr.K.P.Suresh October-2013 - March-2018
14 Brucellosis Epidemiology (BE-1) External Dr. Rajeswari Shome October-2012 - September-2017
15 Development of Diagnostic system, reference collection and molecular epidemiology studies for important arboviral pathogens of livestock in India External Dr. D. Hemadri September-2014 - September-2017
16 Brucellosis Diagnostics (BD-2) External Dr. M. Nagalingam October-2012 - September-2017
17 Assessment of antimicrobial residues and resistance in dairy animals in India External Dr. B. R. Shome January-2016 - January-2018
18 External validation of diagnostic assays for detection of anti brucella antibodies developed under the DBT-network project on brucellosis External Dr. Rajeswari shome March-2016 - February-2017
Sl.No Project Name Fund Source Principle Invigilator Date
1 Epidemiology of Haemorrhagic Septicaemia (HS) in India Institute Dr. Sathish B Shivachandra October-2015 - September-2018
2 Animal health information system through disease monitoring & surveillance External Dr. P.P. Sengupta January-2000 - January-2003
3 Weather based animal disease forecast External Dr. P.P. Sengupta January-2000 - January-2004
4 Seroprevalence of neosporosis in bovines and caprines Institute Dr. P.P.Sengupta January-2005 - January-2008
5 Seroepidemiology of bluetongue in some states of India with special reference to southern peninsula Institute Dr. P.P.Sengupta January-2005 - January-2007
6 Epidemiology of IBR with special reference to( i) Seroepidemiologyof BoHV-1 in cattle and buffalo (ii) Molecular characterization of BoHV-1 in India Institute Dr S S Patil January-2006 - January-2010
7 Study on epidemiology and bacterial etiology of infectious abortions in livestock with special reference to brucellosis. Institute Dr. Rajeswari Shome January-2006 - January-2011
8 Studies on emerging bacterial pathogens of zoonotic importance from livestock and their products with major emphasis on Listeriamonocytogenes Institute Dr. B. R. Shome January-2007 - January-2011
9 Comparative Virulence of Trypanosoma evansi infection in rodent model Institute Dr.P.Krishnamoorthy January-2008 - January-2010
10 Assessment of socio ?economic impact of FMD and its control in india External Dr. G. Govindaraj January-2013 - January-2015
11 Toll-like receptors in farm animals- Evolutionary lineages and application in disease resistance. (Mastitis resistance) External Dr. G. Dhinakar Raj [TANUVAS] January-2012 - January-2013
12 Epidemiology study of surra and fascioliasis in animals Institute Dr. P.P.Sengupta, January-2011 - January-2014
13 Development of newer economical sensitive diagnostics for the detection of carrier status of surra for surveillance External Dr. P.P.Sengupta, January-2012 - January-2015
14 Development of recombinant antigen based diagnostics for surveillance of Peste des petits ruminants External Dr. V. Balamurugan, January-2012 - January-2015
15 Economic analysis of Haemorrhagic Septicemia (HS) in cattle and buffaloes in selected endemic states of India Institute Dr. G.Govindaraj January-2012 - January-2014
16 Epidemiological survey and Estimation of Economic impact of the PPR in sheep and goats Institute Dr. V. Balamurugan, January-2012 - January-2014
17 Epidemiology of Classical swine fever in India Institute Dr. S.S.Patil January-2011 - January-2014
18 Maintenance and updating of livestock serum repository Institute Dr. D.Hemadri January-2011 - January-2014
19 National Animal Disease Referral Expert System Institute Service Dr. MR.Gajendragad January-2011 - January-2015
20 Epidemiology of bovine leptospirosis by using recombinant antigen based assays Institute Dr. M.Nagalingam January-2010 - January-2013
21 Study to determine the incidence of Leptospira(Isolation) and Infectious Bovine RhinotracheitisVirus in Indian dairy farms External Dr S S Patil January-2009 - January-2011
22 Monitoring of leptospirosis :Identification and characterization of the Leptospira isolates from livestock and human Institute Dr. V.Balamurugan January-2009 - January-2011
23 Bovine mastitis- un-ravelling molecular details of host-microbe interaction and development of molecular diagnostic methods (NAIP) External Dr. B. R. Shome January-2008 - January-2012
24 The economics of livestock disease control and development of analytical modules for the assessment of economic impact of nationally important livestock diseases. Institute Dr. M.R. Gajendragad January-2008 - January-2012
25 Serological and molecular epidemiology of classical swine fever in India and development of recombinant antigen based immunoassay Institute Dr. S. S. Patil January-2008 - January-2011
26 Molecular diagnosis and epidemiology of rabies in livestock External DST Dr. Manjunatha Reddy GB January-2013 - January-2015
27 Study to determine the incidence of BVD in India and its importance in diary industry -Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project PPP Dr. S.S. Patil, January-2012 - January-2013
28 Economic impact of FMD and its control in the dairy and meat value chains in India. Inter Institute Dr. B. Ganesh Kumar January-2010 - January-2011
29 Study on metabolic effects of flurosis an strategies for its counteraction Inter Institute Dr. N. K. S. Gowda (NIANP, Bangalore) January-2009 - January-2012
30 Studies on the epidemiology of Peste des petits ruminants in India Inter Institute Dr. V.Balamurugan January-2009 - January-2011
31 Economics of reproductive disorders in bovines of organized farms vis-a-vis to nutritional status Inter Institute Dr.P.Krishnamoorthy January-2008 - January-2012