Dr.Parimal Roy

Dr.Parimal Roy
Highest Education Qualification
M.V.Sc., Ph.D (Veterinary Microbiology). Post Doc (USA), FNAAS, FNASc
Email Address
Contact Number
080 2309 3100 / 2309 3110
Research/ Review paper in refereed journal : 125
Book chapters : 01
Lab Manuals : 05
Training Manuals : 10
Standard operating protocol: 01
Students Guided
MVSc/MSc : 04
PhD : 04
M.Phil : 04
Special attainments/ Awards
1. Fellows Elected:
(i) Fellow (2013), National Academy of Science(NASI), Allahabad, India
(ii) Fellow (2006), National Academy of Agricultural Science(NAAS), New Delhi, India
(iii) Fellow (2015), West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology (WAST), Kolkata, India
(iv) Fellow (2015), Indian Society of Veterinary Immunology and Biotechnology (ISVIB),India
2.International Award: 01
(i) Endeavour Executive award (2013) from the Govt. Of Australia for mutual benefits of sharing knowledge and skills.
3. National Awards
(i) Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Award for Biennium 2001-2002 from the ICAR (Govt. Of India) for the outstanding contribution in the field of animal Health
(ii) Jawaharlal Nehru award (1996) from the ICAR (Govt. Of India) for the outstanding PG Agricultural Research for Ph.D
(iii) Department of Biotechnology(Govt. of India) National associateship award (1996)
4. State Govt. Awards
(i) Best Scientist award (1994) from Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology for the work towards the poultry diseases.
(ii) N.S.Randhawa award (1988) from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University for the best academic performance in M.V.Sc.
5. University Awards: 08
6. Association/Society Awards : 06
7. Visiting Professor, School of Environmental and rural Science, University of New England, Armidale NSW 2351, Australia (30.09.2313-28.12.2013)
i) Montanide absorbed anthrax spore vaccine (F.No. 774/CHE/2011)
ii) Agar gel immune diffusion test kit for serological assessment of Anthrax vaccine ( F.No. 544/CHE/2011)
iii) Lateral Flow kit for serodiagnosis of Bovine brucellosis (F.No. 2764/CHE/2014)
Post Doctoral Fellowship i) Post Doc.( Development of Chimera vaccine against Blue tongue virus), University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
ii) Post Doc. Res. Associate (Diagnosis of Poultry diseases), Washington State University, USA
Scientific Achievements (i) Development of filter paper sampling technique for seromonitoring against NewCastle disease (ND)
(ii) An adjuvant to potentiate commercial ND live vaccine
(iii) Inactive vaccine for Hydropericardium Syndrome disease in Broiler chickens
(iv) Anthrax vaccine for small ruminants
(v) Sero-diagnostic lateral flow test for bovine brucellosis
(vi) Live attenuated Goat pox vaccine (GPV)
(vii) Establishing the prevalence of many new pathogens, extended host range for existing pathogens and altered mode of disease transmission.