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State Wise

State-wise Distribution of Attacks.

State-wise Attacks

Data From Year: 2013 to 2023


Disease-wise Distribution of Attacks

Disease-wise Attacks

Data From Year: 2023

Year-wise Outbreaks

Year wise Distribution of Outbreaks

Year-wise Outbreaks

Data From Year: 2001 to 2023

Year Wise

Year wise Distribution of Attacks

Year Wise Attacks

Data From Year: 2001 to 2023

Livestock Population

Top 10 States Livestock Population

Top 10 States

Data for Top 10 States

Top 10 Disease

Top 10 Disease wise Distribution of Attacks

Top 10 Disease

Data Range From: 1990 to 2023

Zoonotic Diseases Attacks

Zoonotic Disease State wise Distribution of Attacks

Zoonotic Diseases

Anthrax, Avin Influenza, Brucellosis, CCHF, Coxiella/Q-fever,Cryptosporidiosis, Cysticercosis, Glanders and more...

Risk Maps

Month wise Risk Maps

Disease Risk Maps for India

Risk Map for Month of: June 2024


R0-Basic Reproduction Number (Measuring the Impact)

R0- Basic Reproduction Number

Data From Year: 2000 to 2018